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2001 Supercharged Ford Focus Wagon

Who needs a Focust ST when you can have the same wheelspinning torque with less weight, more brakes, more diff, and of course, the wagon stylee that all the ladies love?  This wagon has been to almost all of the road race tracks in the Midwest, either as a tow vehicle or as the track vehicle.  Sold now (see part 2), but it did everything you could ask pretty well, except for the characteristic FWD wheelspin on corner exit...
RS Focus Wagon


Engine – SVT shortblock, Diamond pistons, big valve ported base Zetec cylinder head, mix and match grind Comp Cams, JRSC SVT blower modified for base head, SVT throttle body, SVT airbox, SVT header, Borla SVT exhaust modified for wagon

Trans – Torsen diff, late model 3.41 first gear gearset from Duratec MTX-75, Exedy flywheel/clutch

Chassis – Eibach Pro-Kit springs, Multimatic inverted front dampers, Koni adjustable rear dampers, OEM 19mm front stabar and bushings, Eibach 25mm rear bar

Brakes – Front Wilwood Forged Superlite front calipers with 12.2 x 1.25 rotors on modified Wilwood hats, rear SVT calipers on 12.0 x 0.35 rotors on modified Wilwood hats, hubs modified for 5x100 bolt pattern

Wheels – Enkei RPF-1 17x8

Tires - Summer, 235/40 front, 215/45 rear (cheap and grippy, usually Falken or Hankook), Winter, whatever is on sale (Michelin or Bridgestone)

 Interior – SVT Euro heated seats, center console, steering wheel, e-brake handle

RS Focus Wagon

Ford Focus Wagon Performance

Focus Supercharger

Ford Focus Station Wagon Lowered

Focus Race Chassis

Racing Focus Wagon

Focus Wagon SVT Euro Interior

Focus Wilwood Brake Rotors Calipers

Wilwood Track Brakes

Focus Exedy Clutch SVT Header

Focus Big Brake Conversion

Focus Wagon Towing Motorcycle

Focus Race Wagon

In the Paddock

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