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1972 Triumph Spitfire 13B Rotary Powered

Fun street car and autocrosser, seen often at Detroit Region SCCA, AROC and MSCC events in the early 2000's. Normally aspirated 6 port 13b with Dellorto carb, back halved chassis, 4 link with panhard bar to replace the, uh, 'character building'' swing axles.  13x8/9 wheels with 235/45 DOT tires.  No flares, no stickers, original paint, with the patina only time can produce.  

I built this car when I was a kid in my late teens/early 20's, got it running but I got distracted by the Fiero.  Since I figured it would be a shame to let it sit, I made a deal with some friends, they worked on the car, and they got to drive it.  Worked out pretty well, and the car did get an FTD at one local event, which isn't bad for an undeveloped car on ebay'd tires that were bought for mockup, but had enough tread to run for a season or two.  

The engine blew on a loaner trip to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix and the car sat for a number of years as other things took priority.
 Currently being rebuilt, see Part II...

13b Rotary Powered Triumph Spitfire
Mazda 13B Rotary Spitfire
Ready to run autocross
13B 6 Port Mazda Rotary

1972 Triumph Spitfire Specifications

Engine:  Mazda 6-port 13b rotary, Dellorto carb, fabricated headers, 3" exhaust
Chassis: Rear back half, narrowed RX7 GSL rear end, 4 link, panhard bar, Carrera coilovers, Addco swaybars
Wheels: Stock centers, 13x8 front, 13x9 rear (widened by Diamond Racing Wheels)
Tires: Kumho V700 DOT, 235/45 (never enough!!!)
Body modifications:  interior tinwork for ATL fuel cell, back half and firewall changes

Build Pics:

13B Spitfire Engine Bay
Initial fitment of engine in chassis, just a little cutting required...
13B Header Fabricated
13B header fabricated from Racing Beat mild flange and 0.125 wall mild tubing
Spitfire Firewall
Firewall modifications complete
Back Half Mock Up
Back half mocked up, narrowed GSL rear axle.  Oh, to be a kid again.
Inside tinwork
Tinwork.  Like I said, to be a kid again...
Frame Complete
Completed frame
Back Half Rear
Rear view of chassis back half
Meziere Remote Electric Water Pump
Body and chassis ready to resume relations
Firewall Reworked
Ready for assembly
13B 6 port Dellorto
We have motor!  Radiator is a Howe converted to dual pass on the passenger side
13B Howe Radiator Setrab Oil Cooler
View from other side.  Oil cooler is a Mocal fed by -12 Earl's stainless line
Team Spitfire
Team Roto Spit!  Back in the day...

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