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S197 Mustang Drift Car

S197 Drift Mustang

This one is not a personal project, but the car has long since been totalled and parted out so no harm in showing some pics of it.  There was little media or print coverage at the time it was competing in Formula D during the 2006 and 2007 seasons, so good pictures of it are scarce, and there were some interesting technical features of the car that are worth showing.  

The goal with the car was to drift, obviously, but more so to drift while carrying very high speed (hopefully higher than the competition).  That  meant doing all the things that normally would improve rear end corner exit grip; as much rearward weight bias as possible, suspension geometry changes like lengthening the short upper control arm to minimize wheel hop, flares for a wider rear track and very wide wheels and tires, and relatively soft springs and stabar on the rear.

Coupled with a very torquey supercharged engine and lots of steering angle, the car was very effective at carrying lots of speed during a drift, unfortunately during tandem drifts it really wanted a slightly different setup to allow easier control when behind slower cars.  This would have been straightforward with some cockpit adjustable controls (stabars, etc), but logistics and crashes hindered development.

It was a fun car to drive
.  Although I never drove it at a competition venue, just doing development work on it in a testing environment was quite enjoyable.  At the end it was breaking TKO600 transmissions in 3rd gear on the throttle.  It was making ALOT of torque.  All in all a fun, if fruitless, project.  

Note: Livery changed from 2006 (red) to 2007 (blue), it is the same car throughout the pics

Formula Drift Mustang
Formula Drift Mustang
Pinstriping Mustang

S197 Mustang Drift Car Specifications

Engine:  Modular 4.6 4V, all Motorsport or OEM components, crate short block, catalog CNC ported cylinder heads (NOT the Livernois stage X port), high lift camshaft kit, Whipple 'small' 2.3 blower
Drivetrain:  TKO600, Exedy clutch, 8.8 rear with various diffs
Front Suspension: modified front knuckles, widened control arms, Multimatic FR500C dampers
Rear Suspension: long upper control arm, tubular lower control arms, Multimatic dampers
Brakes: Wilwood Superlite 6 piston calipers and rotors
Wheels: 18x8.5 front, 18x11.5  rear
Tires: Toyo various sizes
Body modifications:  Vac formed flares, quarter windows, rear lexan, NO SPOILER!!!

Pinstriping: On site by the great Dr. Ru
Build Pics:

Mustang modular engine set back
False firewall cut out, engine set back as far as possible
Mustang engine set back
The amount of engine set back is very evident here
Mustang front flares
BIW caged with driver's side mirror image FR500C cage minus Petty bar.  Here checking front flare/wheel fitment
Mustang Fender Flare
2" Flares were designed to mate to stock front/rear fascias.  Flare vac form tooling exists somewhere..
Mustang ATL fuel cell
5 gal ATL fuel cell installed in passengers rear seat area
Mustang battery box
Battery box installed in drivers side rear seat area
Radiator rear mount
Radiator takes the place of trunk floor.
Mustang Cobra heat exchanged
Intercooler heat exchanged located in parcel try shelf
Intercooler ducting
Outlet ducting for heat exchanger, outlet is through rear of trunk lid
Mustang widened control arm
Control arm widened
Wingeo Drifter
Using Bill Mitchell's WinGEO software, there was some question about the accuracy at high steer angle
Mustang Wilwood brake system
Wilwood Superlite calipers, hats, rotors.  Also visible here is the Multimatic damper setup
Mustang paint shop
Shell fresh from paint, time to reassemble
Mustang air filter ductwork
Inlet air duct, no radiator up front means lots more room for ductwork, easier to see and appreciate the engine!
Mustang radiator hard lines
Coolant hard lines and interior tinwork.  The 4 holes in the rear panel feed air from the quarter window scoops to the radiator in trunk
Mustang cooling package2
Rear lexan scoop feeds intercooler heat exchanger, outlet through rear trunk of trunk lid
Mustang scoops
Vac formed quarter window scoops to feed radiator in trunk.  They're clear, so according the the rulebook, they're windows...
Mustang testing
Shakedown and 1st test session, exciting!!!
Formula D Chicago
1st event, Formula D Chicago, 2006.  Media ride along day before Friday practice.  The first, of many...
Mustang crash
New Jersey, 2007, this was the last, frame stubs and unibody bent at both ends....
Dr. Ru Pinstriping
Along with all the mechanics and fabricators that worked on this, watching Dr. Ru pinstripe the dash was a treat

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