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1972 Triumph Spitfire 13B Rotary Powered - Rebuild

Part II - The rebuild of the rotary powered spit:

The engine blew on a loaner trip to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix and the car sat for a number of years as other things took priority.  Now it is getting redone, the back half is getting reworked as well as the fuel cell and all the interior tinwork to allow for wider tires, the intent is to put a large turbo 13B in it.  The car won't really be much faster with the anticipated power, since without flares there's not enough room for adequate sized tires, but for putzing around on the street from time to time it will be fun!

1972 Triumph Spitfire Specifications

Engine:  Mazda 13B single turbo FD or TII?  GT35 or BW S300?  Who knows?
Chassis: Reworked back half, 8.8 or 9" or just Moser axles in the GSL rear?
Wheels: Room for 13x12 on the back with the new tinwork, but what tires???
Body modifications:  Redone tinwork, different ATL fuel cell
Electronics:  Motec, Haltech, Microtech?
Build Pics:

13B Spitfire Interior
One of the reasons for the rework, I never liked the tunnel, it was too tall
ATL Fuel Cell Triumph Spitfire
Another thing I should have done differently, a wider, shorter cell
Spitfire Engine Removal
Engine back out, some minor changes before another goes in...
Spitfire Body Off Frame
Magic!  Body off the frame
Frame Rework
Finishing up the back half rework (chassis upside down for welding)
Frame Complete
I resisted the urge to cut everything apart, because then I may as well tube frame it
Back Half Welding
Back half detail.  To be continued...

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