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1998 Suzuki TL1000R Superbike

Watch for our Gulf color schemed TL1000R superbike at midwest trackdays and select
WERA North Central Region races in 2010.  It's a 996cc v-twin, an old, obsolete, relatively slow bike by modern standards, but it makes great sounds and it has character, which make it worth the effort.  It was designed during the heydey of big twins in World Superbike, other big twins of the period were the Ducati 996, Aprilia Mille RSV, and Honda RC51.  This particular one has a fair amount of work in it to lighten it up and put the weight forward, the handling is just about spot on, so next up the currently stock engine will be rebuilt to a higher state of tune.

Grattan TL1000R
Grattan TLR
Sportbike Track Time TL1000
Suzuki TL1000R Superbike
Suzuki Superbike

1998 Suzuki TL1000R Specifications

Engine:  996cc 90 deg V twin, stock except for Sharkskinz airbox and M4 full exhaust
Frame:  Stock, Sato rearsets, Penske shock with Lindemann suspension link
Swingarm: Modified for captive rear caliper and spacer
Forks:  '04 GSXR1000, revalved by Lindemann Engineering, Ohlins steering damper
Brakes:  Tokico front calipers with Brembo radial M/C, rear Wilwood PS-1 caliper, stock M/C
Wheels:  Marvic magnesium Penta II
Electronics:  Thrifted wire harness, PC-III
Build Pics:

TL1000R Superbike
Starting with a bare frame add swingarm, Penkse shock, and GSXR1000 forks, goodbye superstock class :(
Fabricated subframe
Engine installed, Sato rearsets, and fabricated rear subframe.  Engine stays stock until the chassis is sorted
Seat Support
New seat support, fuel tank installed for more brackets and to check fitment.
RS250 seat unit
RS250 rear seat unit, Profab setup captured spacer and old PM caliper
GSXR1000 forks
Front view. Clipons are Woodcraft
Wilwood PS1 caliper
Caliper bracket modified for Wilwood PS1 caliper
Sharkskinz TLR bodywork
Test fitment of Sharkskinz bodywork
M4 Exhaust
M4 Exhaust, more assembly
Electronics relocated
Electronics relocated to the front, forks revalved, lengthed by Lindeman Engineering
Brembo master cylinders, Ohlins steering damper
Brembo brake and clutch master cylinders, Ohlins steering damper, fabricated fairing stay

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