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1997 Suzuki TL1000S Racebike

This is the old warhorse, a 1997 TL1000S.  It started as a salvage titled repair that was turned into a streetbike, then street/trackday duty, then the inevitable big crash (happened to be at Gingerman), and the bike was turned into a track only race bike.  Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but really it's more like a sledgehammer, it's not supposed to be sharp, it's used with force, not finesse.  Handling with the Ohlins rear shock and the revalved front end actually wasn't too bad, but boy did it like to shake from time to time.  Now it's getting turned back into a streetbike, albeit a streetbike pretending to be a racebike.  Full circle...

TL1000S Racebike
WERA at Grattan
Grattan Suzuki
TL1000S Sharkskinz
Streetfighter TLS
TL1000S Streetfighter

1997 Suzuki TL1000S Specifications

Engine:  996cc 90 deg V twin, stock except for Yoshiumra full exhaust
Frame:  Stock, Woodcraft rearsets, Ohlins shock with Lindemann spring
Forks:  Stock forks revalved by GP Suspension
Brakes:  Brembo 4 pad 'Goldline' calipers with Yoyodyne adaptors
Wheels:  Marvic magnesium Penta II

Pics over the years:

TL1000S Superbike
Repaired TLS streetbike, ready to be inspected for a rebuilt title
Grattan trackday
1st ever trackday at Grattan Raceway.  Look at that lean angle, hahaha!
Gingerman Raceway
After the big crash, back at Gingerman and it's a track only TLS now!  It also got a TLR tailsection in the process
WERA Grattan
1st ever race weekend, with the high dollar Ford Escort wagon transporter
Grattan Raceway
Letting the orange shirt flap in the breeze, all alone : (  There is a race going on, but I'm not in it...
WERA Novice
My fellow first time racers.  Where are they now?  Wait, where am I now?
Focus wagon towing
Back for more, new season, new Focus wagon tow vehicle
Aaron Yates signs to ride Suzuki TL1000!
Negotiations with Aaron Yates for the open seat on a Suzuki TL1000S broke down, he would not leave Yoshimura Suzuki...
TL1000 Frame
Torn back down to a bare frame to be turned into a streetbike.  Back to the beginning...

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